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dude these tights would look kick ass over my curvacious thighs. DO WANT

Available here.

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A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez

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The Only Harry Potter Fanfic I Will Ever Write (Probably) →


(There was a call to make an LJ post today, so since I was thinking about how Hufflepuff gets absolutely no love the other day, you get my sorry attempts at fic.)

“Help!” cried the very junior wizard, falling down on the doorstep of the medium-sized cottage that would someday…

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Today’s Gender of the day is: the Naruto German opening

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are pears flammable

after 2 hours of trying to set alight to a pear i can condclude they are not flammable

mum: whats that smell
me: burning pears
mum: wha-
me: i tried to set a pear on fire
mum: why
me: science

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[science clapping] well done friend

you forgot your data table:image


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For me, wilderness is a tonic, a retreat from the frenzy of modern life, a refuge to recharge and reconnect. As we celebrate the Wilderness Act’s 50th anniversary, we pause to look back and thank the wilderness champions who came before us. We’ve inherited a monumental blessing. And we’re grateful to all those individuals, organizations, and agencies who continue the important work of strengthening this wilderness legacy and ensuring that these beloved areas are protected and preserved for future generations. — Jerry Perez, BLM Oregon/Washington State Director

BLM Oregon employees, local residents and visitors enjoy diverse and rugged wilderness areas managed by the BLM, like the Steens Mountain Wilderness pictured here. Photos by Tom Wilcox and Bob Wick, BLM

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this is my favourite picture on the internet


this is my favourite picture on the internet

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Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

Apparently they don’t care about the other part of the first ammendment either. So much for Sacred Spaces and Sanctuaries. The genociders in Hunchback of Notre Dame had more respect than this

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